Map & Directions

From downtown Oakland:

(a.)Broadway north. Make an obtuse right turn at Piedmont Avenue (signal following one at 30th St.). Follow Piedmont Ave, 1/2 mile, (two blocks beyond MacArthur Blvd.) The BayWolf is on left at 3853.
(b.) Harrison St. north merges into Oakland Ave. Make left at signal at MacArthur Blvd. (at underpass of 580.) Turn right at Piedmont Ave.-third signal on MacArthur.
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From Marin, San Rafael Bridge

Cross San Rafael Bridge and take 580 and merge onto 80 in the vicinity of Albany/Berkeley. Follow instructions in #4 to 580 East from Broadway-Auto Row/Webster exit.
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From Sacramento

Take 80 to Oakland. Follow directions in #4 to 580 East.
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From Berkeley/Emeryville by freeway

While on 80, stay to left as you approach the 580/80 interchange. Use 580 East, Stockton/Hayward and exit at Broadway/Auto Row/Webster. Take the Broadway South off-ramp. Turn right at signal onto Broadway. Turn hard left at first signal - Piedmont Avenue. Follow Piedmont Avenue 1/2 mile (two blocks past MacArthur Blvd.) The BayWolf is on the left at 3853.
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From Berkeley/Emeryville by city streets

(a.) Take San Pablo or Martin Luther King to MacArthur Blvd., turn left on MacArthur. Follow MacArthur two blocks beyond Broadway to Piedmont Ave. Turn left on Piedmont to 3853.
(b.) College Ave. to Broadway, right on Broadway, go one block and turn left at first signal-Pleasant Valley Road. Turn right at second signal on Pleasant V.-Piedmont Ave.
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From San Francisco

Take the Bay Bridge to 580 East, Oakland/Hayward. (Follow instructions in #4 from Broadway Auto Row/Webster exit.)
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From Oakland Airport

Take 880 north to connection "24 Walnut Creek, Junction 980". Follow all sign directions to 24, then take the first opportunity to exit onto 580 East/ Hayward. Once on 580 East, move quickly to right and exit at Oakland Ave./Harrison St. Take Oakland Ave off ramp, turn left at signal onto Oakland Ave, go one block and turn left at next signal - MacArthur Blvd. Turn right at third signal - Piedmont Ave.
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From Orinda, Walnut Creek, etc

Take Highway 24 through Caldecott Tunnel to Broadway exit. Follow Broadway towards downtown Oakland for a mile, until Pleasant Valley Road/51st. (Safeway and Great Western Bank shopping Center) and turn left at signal. Turn right at second signal on Pleasant Valley Road - Piedmont Ave. The BayWolf is in the fifth block on right side of street.
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From Hayward, Livermore, San Ramon

580 West to Harrison/MacArthur exit in Oakland. (Follows Grand Ave. exit.) Proceed onto MacArthur Blvd. Turn right at the fourth signal from the off ramp - Piedmont Ave. Proceed two blocks and the BayWolf is on the left.
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From Peninsula

Depending on city, directions will be #6 & 4 through San Francisco, or #9 through Hayward.
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There is parking on Piedmont Ave. and surrounding streets. There are two parking lots one block from the restaurant: one at Piedmont Ave. and Yosemite (open until 10:00 pm) and one at 40th St. and Howe (open 24 hours).
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3853 Piedmont Ave., Oakland CA 94611, 510-655-6004
Serving dinner Tuesday through Sunday from 5:30